Monday, June 2, 2014

Daily Dose #1

Hi guys! So recently I just like really, and I mean really love the word Kawaii. I don't know why but I do. Anyway I apologize before hand if I end up saying Kawaii way too much in this post. Kawaii- Cute So I was very inspired by this Disney shirt I found. You may not know (Unless I know you) that I am an absolute total Disney freak. I'm seriously like obsessed with Disney. Which is why this super kawaii shirt I found on Google Images as I was looking through the internet, I saw this and I was all like "That has to go on my blog" Literally I said that. I was super inspired by this shirt because One it's Disney I mean seriously. Two it says Never Stop Dreaming which is seriously like my life's goal. I will never stop acting like the child I am. Seriously. I love the colors in this shirt. I love how it's sort of a gradient but It's also not. (Does anyone else know what I mean?) I love how it starts with orange then ends in it's opposite which is blue because they're opposite of each other on the color wheel and this to me says summer. Then it lightens up and turns to pink which turns to purple then turns to blue. I also love that it's a crop top and I literally LOVE crop tops. It has a small Mickey in the corner that looks almost hand drawn.
When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly & unquestionably- Walt Disney
This quote to me means to never stop believing in something that you truly believe in. I believe in the magic of Disney and I really love the imagination that Walt dreamed up in the first few Disney movies. Such as Snow White. The creative story line and the songs and even the complex characters, Walt achieved more than just a dream. It was a fantasy that became real. The whole Disney company (Which is by far my favorite company)was started with a dream and a mouse named Mickey. Walt Disney is my role model and my inspiration for life. He is like my idol I literally almost worship Disney. Not joking here. Almost my entire life revolves around Disney and I'm not ashamed to say so. My friends know how much I freaking love Disney and this has nothing to do with Fashion but it's true.
Thanks for reading and every day I'm available to use the computer I will find some article of clothing and talk about it whether I like it or not. I will try to find the positives and negatives to it but if I like it ALOT there is no chance of me having a lot about negatives in my "review" so to speak. Also I will find a quote and talk about what It means to me and will be included in the post.
Love y'all thanks! XOXO, AllyCat

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