Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Daily Dose #3

Hey guys I may or may not say Kawaii a lot again so I formerly apologize if it annoys you. So here we go! I really like this shirt because well mainly it's a crop top and I'm addicted to crop tops. I really love the color in this shirt with how it starts off a watery turquoise blue and then gets lighter and goes to white. Which is another thing I love, gradients. Gradients are beautiful and very stylish. This shirt works perfectly for summer because of the blue color and the style of shirt. As for the infinity sign printed on the shirt I like it but I could do with out it. I don't really like the anchor much but it does add a summery feel too it. Like an anchor makes me think of a boat, then that makes me think of boating, then boating in the summer, but that's just me.
"The people that are crazy enough to believe they can change the world, usually do"-Unknown
This quote means to me that people that have the imagination to change something they don't like about the world and try, they are most likely to be the people to make the world a better place and change it. For Example (more Disney) Walt Disney was crazy enough to try to follow his dreams and now the world has Disney, Disneyland, Disneyworld, so many different things hat bring many children (and adults too) joy. Steve Jobs was crazy enough to follow his dreams and create one of the most popular technology franchises in the world. Also known as Apple Inc. which created the IPhone (1-5C), Apple Computer, and many more.
Alright that's it for today's Daily dose I hope you enjoyed it! Again I'll do this every day I have acces to a computer/internet.
Love, AllyCat XOXO

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