Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Maleficent- Costume and Makeup

Overall this movie was fantastic. I give it two thumbs up and 5/5 stars. Angelina was perfect for the role. I believe it was pretty much made for her. Anyway, the costumes in this film quite amazingly reflected the Sleeping Beauty time frame it was meant for. I will talk about Maleficent's costume, Aurora's costume, and the Three Fairy's Costumes (Thistlewitt, Knotgrass, and Flittle).
Maleficent- Maleficent's main costume consisted of a series of black details and very intricate detail put into it. Her horns must've weighed POUNDS! Anyway her long dress with the fan off the back of it is clearly inspired by her original costume in Sleeping Beauty the cartoon version. Her makeup was very simple, unless you looked at her cheekbones. They were VERY high and quite fitting to the character at hand. Although in the original tale of Sleeping Beauty Maleficent had green skin, and here she has pasty white skin, it still works for the character. She chose the simple red lip-stain and a basic coat of mascara (with false eyelashes) and some simple color schemes of eyeshdow (mainly consisting of earthy colors like brown or light brown)It gave Maleficent (Angelina) a very evil but very Earthy glow to her face. The cheekbones also helped define Maleficent's stature and her face more.
Princess Aurora- Aurora's costume was a dress the entire movie. Of course she changed dresses but It worked to give her a Princessy (Not a word) feel even though she hadn't realized it yet. There were very delicate details to her dress that were small but noticeable. There was also a flowery tone to it with Earth mixed in. Aurora wasn't the main character in this movie even though she was a pretty major part in it, she did have a costume not at all Similar to Maleficent's but Aurora (Elle Fanning) looked gorgeous.
Knotgrass, Thistlewitt, & Flittle- These three pink, blue, and green fairies were probably the funniest in the whole movie. They each had their different elements that were in fact different from one another's but still similar. Knotgrass (The pink one) did have a little pink dress and hat to match the one in the original. Thistlewitt (The green one) had a little green dress and matching hat. As for Flittle (The blue one) she had a little blue dress and matching hat with blue dip dyed hair.
That's all I really need to say about the fashion choices made by each character. Each character has it's own special style of clothing that matched either their personality or character itself. The costumes fit the Sleeping Beauty era and worked beautifully into the film. Overall great movie I would recommend it to anybody to see. It's truly magical and amazing. Great Job Disney.

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