Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Trends (2014 Edition)

Some of the hottest trends this summer include crop-tops and high-low dresses. First up High-Low dresses.
High Low dress: This is just one example of the thousands of High-Low dresses out there. But this style of dress is very popular during the summer because it's shorter in the front and lower in the back. This gives off a nice summery flow to it. This dress is perfect for walking along the beach if the sea air makes the longer part flow behind you and it would look amazing. They are just really in style right now. I happen to like this style of dress and It's actually very cute. I would suggest this hot summer trend to anyone. Up next Crop-Tops
Crop-Tops: Again one example of the probably thousands of different Crop top styles but this is one of my favorites. This incorporates the three hottest trends of the summer, High-Low, Gradient, and Crop-Tops. It also has a very trendy summer symbol on it. The infinity sign combined with an anchor. Although the anchor isn't my personal favorite, it adds a summery sense to the already summery top.

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