Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Daily Dose #2

Hey guys so again I might be saying Kawaii a lot in this blog post again so I apologize for being annoying and saying Kawaii a lot. What I love about this dress is the very delicate lacey detail in it. The lace flows nicely in the dress and gives a pretty detail to the color. I really like that the bodice of the dress has a slight ruffle to it but also it's not very noticeable but still slightly is. The bottom of the dress is complete lace and is ruffled. My absolute favorite thing about this dress (besides lace because I Love lace) is the 4 layer beaded belt around the waist of the dress. It gives yet another girly element to another very girly dress. The dress itself is pretty plain if you took out all the girly elements. But the sweetheart neckline, the lacey detail, the ruffles, and the belt make this dress one of the cutest I've ever seen. I absolutely love this dress. It's super frickin' Kawaii.
"It's kind of fun to do the impossible"-Walt Disney
This, to me, means that Walt did what other people thought would be impossible. The whole Disney company was started as Walt being a high school drop-out with one very big dream and a mouse by his side. A lot of people didn't believe he could do the impossible, like start his very own company that would become one of the most successful ever since the first Disney Movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs made $416 million (U.S) dollars in 1937. It's top grossing movie Frozen (Worth $1.07Billion dollars) has made more than any other Disney movie ever made. Why? Because Walt actually came up with the idea for Frozen 75 years ago. Somewhere along the way of production and ideas and music and stuff it got lost and rediscovered in 2011 or 2012 then released November 27, 2013. This means that it's fun to do something that other people could find impossible. The people who didn't believe that Walt could do it, they called him insane, the called him crazy, and they told him to keep on dreaming. You know what? He did. And that is why Disney is so popular because people love Disney so much. Walt Disney is my inspiration for life and that is why I love talking about him.
Thanks for reading! Again I will be doing this everyday and yeah! Well thanks for listening to my rant about the dress and my rant about Walt Disney which had nothing to do with fashion but I like it anyway. I like talking about famous quotes and what they mean to me. I prefer to do Walt Disney quotes because he is an amazing role model and a great inspiration for dreamers like me. Thanks for reading again!
Love, AllyCat XOXO

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